Miyerkules, Hulyo 3, 2013

NEW ADMINISTRATION took their Oath; Mayor ALI U. ADIONG, Al-Hadj, 2nd Termer Vice Mayor Annie A. Macarampat and SB Members – eager to serve in the name of Public Service!

June 30, 2013 – Municipal Open-Gym, Municipal Hall Complex.
 Amidst the cheering of more than a thousand crowd people, the New Administration of Ditsa-an Ramain took their Oath before City Prosecutor Lacsasa Macabangon at around 10:30 in the morning. According to Law, by noon of June 30 they must have assumed office. The new administration is composed of the following service oriented and dignified Datu/s and Bae of Ditsa-an Ramain, to wit:
Mayor            :  Hon. ENGR. ALI U. ADIONG, Al-Hadj 
 Councilors     :  Hon. WAHID GUILLA DIDA-AGUN 
                        Hon. MUHAYMEN B. MACARAMPAT 
                        Hon. AL-EKHSANMAN A. ALANGADI 
                        Hon. NASSER SP BUBONG 
                        Hon. ASGHARY T. AMPUAN 
                        Hon. NAGUIB M. MALAWANI, JR. 
                        Hon. NASSER B. HADJI ALI 
                        Hon. CORAIB D. SALIC 

 In a speech of Mayor Ali U. Adiong, he assured the public that his administration will work hard for the welfare of the constituents of Ditsa-an Ramain. Potable Water System, Enhanced Electric Service, Subsidies Madaris Salary, Infrastructure and Agricultural Programs are just among his priorities for his term. He further appealed for the public to help them achieve those visions. He then stressed that people must have a strong faith in God because he believed that a religious person is the prosperous one.

Vice Mayor Anna Mahlyne M. Abedin-Macarampat assured the public of the support of the Sangguniang Bayan to the programs of the newly elected Mayor. She also expressed her thanks to the public for re-electing her as Vice Mayor of the municipality.

                Heads of Offices and Line Agencies and some Punong Barangays were also present during the oath taking ceremony signifying their full support to the new administration and willingness to work for the betterment of our Beloved Ditsa-an Ramain. The new administration has set a series of meeting on July 1 with the Heads of Offices, Line Agencies, and Punong Barangays.

                                                                - Engr. MUSTAPHA D. SALIC, CE,RMP,REA
                                                                       Municipal Assessor

Martes, Hulyo 2, 2013

MLGU Employees bids Goodbye & extends Thanks; Good Luck!

. . . . We thank you for your incomparable and dedicated service for the people of Ditsa-an Ramain. We wish you Good Luck in your journey of further serving the people in another way…! We say thank you for the time you had spared with us.          

    – From MLGU Ditsa-an Ramain Employees