Sabado, Setyembre 28, 2013

Rehabilitation/Construction of Dangiprampiai FMR is now completed!

Completed  Dangiprampiai FMR @ Station 000+000

@ Station 000+225
       The Dangiprampia FMR located in Brgy. Bubong Dangiprampiai is now completed after a quite long time of closure for Rehabilitation and Construction. The Project is funded by the Department of Agriculture-National Office and being implemented thru admin by the MLGU Ditsa-an Ramain.

        Constituents of Barangays Lumbatan, Dado, Bubong Dangiprampiai, Dangiprampiai Proper and  Bagoingud are very happy for the completion of the project. Farmers of the said barangays will now have an easy transportation of their goods.

        ME Engr. Abbas A. Lacsaman and MPDC Engr. Mustapha D. Salic were the one supervising the project since its inception and until completion of all works.

         The Commission on Audit (COA) has partially inspected the project completed as part of their intensified efforts in upholding their mandated work. The team headed by their Team Audit Leader Norhatah A. Manalundong paid visit to the  site and they were accompanied by MPDC Engr. Mustapha D. Salic of the Municipal Project, Management and Implementing Unit, Treasurer                  
COA Auditors pay ocular visit to the newly completed FMR
Elais O. Macalawan, and Executive Assistant Jamel Colangcag. Prior to the visit of the COA resident Auditors, the Internal Control and Audit Unit headed by Carnain D. Nuska has requested inspection of Technical Team of the COA as well as facilitating liquidation reports. This is just a part of the reform agenda of Mayor Ali U. Adiong of promoting transparency in governance.

Mayor Adiong Attended MRDP Meeting with the LCEs in Makati: Preparation for PRDP

      Mayor Ali U. Adiong attended the LCEs meeting with the Mindanao Rural Development Program -APL2 in Makati last August 26, 2013. Assisting the mayor is Engr. Mustapha D. Salic, MPDC-Designate and Head of the Municipal Project Management and Implementing Unit.
      The objective of the meeting was to brief the LCEs of the status of the MRDP projects as it is transitioning into PRDP next year. No less than DAF-ARMM Secretary Maritess K. Maguindra headed the various officials of both the RPCO and Southern Mindanao Coordinating Office of the MRDP. There are so many programs and projects to be offered in the PRDP. Mayor Adiong expressed his support to the program and his desire to avail of the projects and he is willing to extend counterparts.

Huwebes, Setyembre 26, 2013

Mayor Ali U. Adiong personally supervises PAMANA Water System Project: A step in realizing his ACCESS TO POTABLE WATER VISION for his constituents!

          The mayor has proven that to realize his vision for his constituents to have access on potable water, he walked and climbed the almost 3 KM karigongan mountain in Bubong Municipality to personally visit and assess the in-take box source of the water system project.      
         Accompanying him is MPDC Engr. Mustapha D. Salic, Chairman of the Municipal Program and Implementing Unit (MPMIU) and Municipal Engineer Abbas Lacsaman.
         The PAMANA Water System Project is designed to supply potable water system into pat-kalipongan barangays, pagalongan-buayaan brgys., bagoingud-dado barangays and part of Ditsa-an brgys. The source is at Brgy. Karingongan and it is of by gravity, thus less expenses on operation and maintenance.
           As of the moment, barangays in pagalongan and buaya-an have an access to potable water supply after a decade of using level 1 such as wells and rain collection. A man shown on the right is very much happy of the water supply that has reached them.

MLGU Ditsa-an Ramain has complied with FULL DISCLOSURE POLICY of the DILG: Vital documents disclosed to the public

Annual budget for 2012 and 2013, Receipt and Expenditures, GAD Utilization, LDRRM Fund Utilization, Cash Flows, SEF, Trust Account, Special Fund, Annual Procurement Plan are just among the vital documents now disclosed to the public at conspicuous places especially in the entrance of the Municipal Hall Building. Soon, it will also be published in this web portal. 
This is in compliance to the DILG memorandum and as part of the reform agenda of Mayor Ali U. Adiong in promoting participative and transparent governance.  

Miyerkules, Hulyo 3, 2013

NEW ADMINISTRATION took their Oath; Mayor ALI U. ADIONG, Al-Hadj, 2nd Termer Vice Mayor Annie A. Macarampat and SB Members – eager to serve in the name of Public Service!

June 30, 2013 – Municipal Open-Gym, Municipal Hall Complex.
 Amidst the cheering of more than a thousand crowd people, the New Administration of Ditsa-an Ramain took their Oath before City Prosecutor Lacsasa Macabangon at around 10:30 in the morning. According to Law, by noon of June 30 they must have assumed office. The new administration is composed of the following service oriented and dignified Datu/s and Bae of Ditsa-an Ramain, to wit:
Mayor            :  Hon. ENGR. ALI U. ADIONG, Al-Hadj 
 Councilors     :  Hon. WAHID GUILLA DIDA-AGUN 
                        Hon. MUHAYMEN B. MACARAMPAT 
                        Hon. AL-EKHSANMAN A. ALANGADI 
                        Hon. NASSER SP BUBONG 
                        Hon. ASGHARY T. AMPUAN 
                        Hon. NAGUIB M. MALAWANI, JR. 
                        Hon. NASSER B. HADJI ALI 
                        Hon. CORAIB D. SALIC 

 In a speech of Mayor Ali U. Adiong, he assured the public that his administration will work hard for the welfare of the constituents of Ditsa-an Ramain. Potable Water System, Enhanced Electric Service, Subsidies Madaris Salary, Infrastructure and Agricultural Programs are just among his priorities for his term. He further appealed for the public to help them achieve those visions. He then stressed that people must have a strong faith in God because he believed that a religious person is the prosperous one.

Vice Mayor Anna Mahlyne M. Abedin-Macarampat assured the public of the support of the Sangguniang Bayan to the programs of the newly elected Mayor. She also expressed her thanks to the public for re-electing her as Vice Mayor of the municipality.

                Heads of Offices and Line Agencies and some Punong Barangays were also present during the oath taking ceremony signifying their full support to the new administration and willingness to work for the betterment of our Beloved Ditsa-an Ramain. The new administration has set a series of meeting on July 1 with the Heads of Offices, Line Agencies, and Punong Barangays.

                                                                - Engr. MUSTAPHA D. SALIC, CE,RMP,REA
                                                                       Municipal Assessor

Martes, Hulyo 2, 2013

MLGU Employees bids Goodbye & extends Thanks; Good Luck!

. . . . We thank you for your incomparable and dedicated service for the people of Ditsa-an Ramain. We wish you Good Luck in your journey of further serving the people in another way…! We say thank you for the time you had spared with us.          

    – From MLGU Ditsa-an Ramain Employees

Miyerkules, Hunyo 26, 2013

Engr. Salic & MAO Fahad Gani attended MRDP-CFAD Training in preparation for PRDP: An opportunity for the MLGU to avail RI Projects such as Irrigation Systems under PRDP

 Phela Grande Hotel, General Santos City - June 18-21,2013.
The MRDP-CFAD component conducted a Project Design, Management and Market Linkages Training-Workhops for Regions 12 and ARMM. 10 municipalities from Lanao del Sur were invited and the municipality of Ditsa-an Ramain was ably represented by MPDC-Designate Engr. MUSTAPHA D. SALIC and MAO Hadji Fahad Gani. The training aims to further equip the MRDP Municipal Focal Persons in preparing design and marketing as well.
 The MRDP is now transitioning into PRDP with 4 components, I-Plan, I-Support, I-Reap and I-Build. The existing CFAD will become the I-REAP in the PRDP. 

It has to be noted that Ditsa-an Ramain is one of the recipients of the MRDP-APL2 in which the municipality has implemented various CFAD projects under the leadership of Mayor Actar M. Marmar and Municipal Team composed of SB Sec. Atty. Mangondaya Solaiman, MPDC Nasser Salic, ME Engr Abbas Lacsaman, MAO Fahad Gani and Engr. Mustapha D. Salic.
Engr. Salic stressed that Irrigation Systems would be the priority of the MLGU under the new administration. Mayor-Elect Engr. Ali U. Adiong is very aggressive in pursuing his plans for agricultural sector considering that the municipality is one of the rice producing area in the Basak District.

Engr. Salic and MAO Gani are scheduled to visit the MRDP-Regional Office in Cotabato to work on such proposal this July.

Martes, Mayo 28, 2013

Ditsa-an Ramain Fire Station soon to be completed; a realization of Mayor Actar Vision for fire-free municipality!

The Ditsa-an Ramain Fire Station is about to be completed very soon. The project is a realization of Mayor Actar Marmar's vision for a safe and fire-free Ditsa-an Ramain. He heavily lobbied for this project and facilitated LGU's counterparts which includes land acquisition, and technical manpower for supervision. Engrs. Mustapha D. Salic of the PMO and Abbas Lacsaman of the Engineering are personally supervising the project until its completion per instruction of the ever active Mayor Marmar. The building is set to be inaugurated this June 2013.

Miyerkules, Mayo 1, 2013

LGU Ditsa-an Ramain extends THANKS to the UN-WFP; 336 farmers received Rice subsidy for Rehabilitating Communal Irrigation Systems (CIS) under UN-WFP Food For Work (FFW).

April 29, 2013 - The UN-WFP distributed the equivalent RICE for the completed Food For Work in the Rehabilitation of Communal Irrigation Systems (CIS) silted and devastated by Typhoon Pablo last December 2012. The 336 Farmer-recipients  from 11 barangays  were very thankful to the UN-WFP for this will save them in engaging "angkat" for their food in re-cultivating their farmlands. It has to be noted that the municipality is one of the rice granary of the basak area of the province.

 The Municipal Government under the active leadership of Mayor Actar Marmar sought the help of the UN-WFP in rehabilitating various CIS of the municipality and consequently helps also the farmers beneficiaries who will do the cleaning and desilting through the Food For Work. Mayor Marmar is very much thankful to the response of the UN-WFP headed by its Head of Sub-Office in Iligan Baicon Cayongcat-Macaraya (Bae a Labi of Shakba). UN-WFP further strengthened the partnership with the LGU and other agencies through
its CONVERGENCE PROGRAM. under the program, agencies will converge in helping the people through the facilitation of the UN-WFP. Engr. Mustapha D. Salic facilitated submission of proposals that leads to the early realization of the project. There are a lot more undertakings to be implemented under these partnerships. Trainings for OSY, Womens, Farmers, Fishermen, and other sectors of the community will be launched soon and are expected to augment livelihood and skills of the beneficiaries. 
 Going back to the distribution, it was done in Barangay Rantian noting that the barangay is the target of the ARMM HELPS convergence program that was also successfully  launched last February 14, 2013 with a huge crowd of people in the said barangay. Farmer-beneficiaries were given coupons and the distribution is per individual coupons thus  transparency is assured. Farmers and their wives even their children were there and very happy. They are indeed very thankful to the UN-WFP.
Aside from the CFSI staffs, Punong Barangays of the 11 barangays, MSWO Saripe Arumpac, Councilor Madki Punguinagina, Department of Agriculture Staffs and Engr. Mustapha D. Salic of the MDRRMC were in attendance to witness the distribution. To those who have been a part in the realization of this program in whatsoever ways, especially to CFSI Pablo Team composed of Mima, Faw and other members of the team, our profound and enormous THANKS. SANGGIBO SALAMAT.... We will never forget this!

Huwebes, Abril 18, 2013


The MDRRMO Ditsa-an Ramain headed by Mayor Actar M. Marmar extends its enormous thanks to individuals, NGOs, Humanitarian Agencies, and various Government Agencies for the helps, interventions, early recovery efforts,  and long term livelihood initiatives they've extended to our constituents who are victims of Typhoon Pablo that lashes our municipality last December of 2012. Much had been done in helping them but still so much to do in restoring the infrastructures, school buildings and livelihood of our constituents. below is the summary of the interventions and helps by the concerned agencies and donors.

Type of Assistance
#s of HHs served
Gov. Adiong, Jr.
Relief Foods
No data available
Food Items
Relief Foods
Food/Non Food Items
Gov. Hataman
Relief Foods
PLAN Int’l.
Potable Water Containers



25 kg Rice


Bolayoka, Inc.
Psycho-Social/Sch. Supplies
80 K/G-1 pupils in Rantian ES

Miyerkules, Abril 17, 2013

LGU Ditsa-an Ramain: ARMM HELPS partner for better tommorow

The LGU Ditsa-an Ramain under the leadership of Mayor Actar M. Marmar is working hand in hand with the ARMM after the successful launching of the ARMM Flagship Program "ARMM HELPS" in Barangay Rantian. The program was ceremonially launched last February 14, 2013 at the Brgy. Hall Grounds of Brgy. Rantian. the affair was graced by the Regional Governor Mujib Hataman, Regional Vice Governor Bainon Karon, Lanao del Sur Governor Mamintal A. Adiong, and all the Regional Secretaries of the ARMM. Barangay Rantian Chairwoman Hadja Saimah Salic-Dalomanding (Bae a Pithi-ilan of Ramain) is very optimistic that the ARMM would transform her barangay into a more progressive barangay. She then noted that some of the ARMM agencies are now coordinating with her office for the possible projects they would put in her barangay.

Aside from the ARMM HELP, the LGU Ditsa-an Ramain is working for the immediate implementation of the LGU Locally Funded Projects, Salintubig Project under the TISP, PAMANA Projects, and ARMM Social Fund Projects. 

The LGU has just completed its LPRAP priorities to be funded under the BUB facilitated by the NAPC. The  LGU is also busy in crafting the Transition Plan for the SET 1 beneficiaries of the 4Ps who are about to graduate this coming December 2013. Engr. Mustapha D. Salic of the MPDO and COS Tambas Yahya, Jr. of the Office of the Mayor emphasized that the LGU Ditsa-an Ramain has been very responsive to the 4Ps beneficiaries with its pro-poor projects and programs.

Lunes, Abril 15, 2013


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