Huwebes, Setyembre 26, 2013

Mayor Ali U. Adiong personally supervises PAMANA Water System Project: A step in realizing his ACCESS TO POTABLE WATER VISION for his constituents!

          The mayor has proven that to realize his vision for his constituents to have access on potable water, he walked and climbed the almost 3 KM karigongan mountain in Bubong Municipality to personally visit and assess the in-take box source of the water system project.      
         Accompanying him is MPDC Engr. Mustapha D. Salic, Chairman of the Municipal Program and Implementing Unit (MPMIU) and Municipal Engineer Abbas Lacsaman.
         The PAMANA Water System Project is designed to supply potable water system into pat-kalipongan barangays, pagalongan-buayaan brgys., bagoingud-dado barangays and part of Ditsa-an brgys. The source is at Brgy. Karingongan and it is of by gravity, thus less expenses on operation and maintenance.
           As of the moment, barangays in pagalongan and buaya-an have an access to potable water supply after a decade of using level 1 such as wells and rain collection. A man shown on the right is very much happy of the water supply that has reached them.

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