Sabado, Setyembre 28, 2013

Mayor Adiong Attended MRDP Meeting with the LCEs in Makati: Preparation for PRDP

      Mayor Ali U. Adiong attended the LCEs meeting with the Mindanao Rural Development Program -APL2 in Makati last August 26, 2013. Assisting the mayor is Engr. Mustapha D. Salic, MPDC-Designate and Head of the Municipal Project Management and Implementing Unit.
      The objective of the meeting was to brief the LCEs of the status of the MRDP projects as it is transitioning into PRDP next year. No less than DAF-ARMM Secretary Maritess K. Maguindra headed the various officials of both the RPCO and Southern Mindanao Coordinating Office of the MRDP. There are so many programs and projects to be offered in the PRDP. Mayor Adiong expressed his support to the program and his desire to avail of the projects and he is willing to extend counterparts.

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