Miyerkules, Hunyo 26, 2013

Engr. Salic & MAO Fahad Gani attended MRDP-CFAD Training in preparation for PRDP: An opportunity for the MLGU to avail RI Projects such as Irrigation Systems under PRDP

 Phela Grande Hotel, General Santos City - June 18-21,2013.
The MRDP-CFAD component conducted a Project Design, Management and Market Linkages Training-Workhops for Regions 12 and ARMM. 10 municipalities from Lanao del Sur were invited and the municipality of Ditsa-an Ramain was ably represented by MPDC-Designate Engr. MUSTAPHA D. SALIC and MAO Hadji Fahad Gani. The training aims to further equip the MRDP Municipal Focal Persons in preparing design and marketing as well.
 The MRDP is now transitioning into PRDP with 4 components, I-Plan, I-Support, I-Reap and I-Build. The existing CFAD will become the I-REAP in the PRDP. 

It has to be noted that Ditsa-an Ramain is one of the recipients of the MRDP-APL2 in which the municipality has implemented various CFAD projects under the leadership of Mayor Actar M. Marmar and Municipal Team composed of SB Sec. Atty. Mangondaya Solaiman, MPDC Nasser Salic, ME Engr Abbas Lacsaman, MAO Fahad Gani and Engr. Mustapha D. Salic.
Engr. Salic stressed that Irrigation Systems would be the priority of the MLGU under the new administration. Mayor-Elect Engr. Ali U. Adiong is very aggressive in pursuing his plans for agricultural sector considering that the municipality is one of the rice producing area in the Basak District.

Engr. Salic and MAO Gani are scheduled to visit the MRDP-Regional Office in Cotabato to work on such proposal this July.

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