Miyerkules, Abril 17, 2013

LGU Ditsa-an Ramain: ARMM HELPS partner for better tommorow

The LGU Ditsa-an Ramain under the leadership of Mayor Actar M. Marmar is working hand in hand with the ARMM after the successful launching of the ARMM Flagship Program "ARMM HELPS" in Barangay Rantian. The program was ceremonially launched last February 14, 2013 at the Brgy. Hall Grounds of Brgy. Rantian. the affair was graced by the Regional Governor Mujib Hataman, Regional Vice Governor Bainon Karon, Lanao del Sur Governor Mamintal A. Adiong, and all the Regional Secretaries of the ARMM. Barangay Rantian Chairwoman Hadja Saimah Salic-Dalomanding (Bae a Pithi-ilan of Ramain) is very optimistic that the ARMM would transform her barangay into a more progressive barangay. She then noted that some of the ARMM agencies are now coordinating with her office for the possible projects they would put in her barangay.

Aside from the ARMM HELP, the LGU Ditsa-an Ramain is working for the immediate implementation of the LGU Locally Funded Projects, Salintubig Project under the TISP, PAMANA Projects, and ARMM Social Fund Projects. 

The LGU has just completed its LPRAP priorities to be funded under the BUB facilitated by the NAPC. The  LGU is also busy in crafting the Transition Plan for the SET 1 beneficiaries of the 4Ps who are about to graduate this coming December 2013. Engr. Mustapha D. Salic of the MPDO and COS Tambas Yahya, Jr. of the Office of the Mayor emphasized that the LGU Ditsa-an Ramain has been very responsive to the 4Ps beneficiaries with its pro-poor projects and programs.

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