Miyerkules, Mayo 1, 2013

LGU Ditsa-an Ramain extends THANKS to the UN-WFP; 336 farmers received Rice subsidy for Rehabilitating Communal Irrigation Systems (CIS) under UN-WFP Food For Work (FFW).

April 29, 2013 - The UN-WFP distributed the equivalent RICE for the completed Food For Work in the Rehabilitation of Communal Irrigation Systems (CIS) silted and devastated by Typhoon Pablo last December 2012. The 336 Farmer-recipients  from 11 barangays  were very thankful to the UN-WFP for this will save them in engaging "angkat" for their food in re-cultivating their farmlands. It has to be noted that the municipality is one of the rice granary of the basak area of the province.

 The Municipal Government under the active leadership of Mayor Actar Marmar sought the help of the UN-WFP in rehabilitating various CIS of the municipality and consequently helps also the farmers beneficiaries who will do the cleaning and desilting through the Food For Work. Mayor Marmar is very much thankful to the response of the UN-WFP headed by its Head of Sub-Office in Iligan Baicon Cayongcat-Macaraya (Bae a Labi of Shakba). UN-WFP further strengthened the partnership with the LGU and other agencies through
its CONVERGENCE PROGRAM. under the program, agencies will converge in helping the people through the facilitation of the UN-WFP. Engr. Mustapha D. Salic facilitated submission of proposals that leads to the early realization of the project. There are a lot more undertakings to be implemented under these partnerships. Trainings for OSY, Womens, Farmers, Fishermen, and other sectors of the community will be launched soon and are expected to augment livelihood and skills of the beneficiaries. 
 Going back to the distribution, it was done in Barangay Rantian noting that the barangay is the target of the ARMM HELPS convergence program that was also successfully  launched last February 14, 2013 with a huge crowd of people in the said barangay. Farmer-beneficiaries were given coupons and the distribution is per individual coupons thus  transparency is assured. Farmers and their wives even their children were there and very happy. They are indeed very thankful to the UN-WFP.
Aside from the CFSI staffs, Punong Barangays of the 11 barangays, MSWO Saripe Arumpac, Councilor Madki Punguinagina, Department of Agriculture Staffs and Engr. Mustapha D. Salic of the MDRRMC were in attendance to witness the distribution. To those who have been a part in the realization of this program in whatsoever ways, especially to CFSI Pablo Team composed of Mima, Faw and other members of the team, our profound and enormous THANKS. SANGGIBO SALAMAT.... We will never forget this!

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