Sabado, Marso 21, 2015

DAF-ARMM Geo-tagging the completed 200 Mtrs Maidana
Rantian FMR @ Barangay Rantian. Also in the photo is
MAO Fahad Mama A. Gani 
at the middle of the FMR
"BuB Funded FMRs to boast economic activities in the municipality"

The Maidana Rantian FMR, 200 meters in length and 5 meters width, located at Barangay Rantian has been completed and already geo-tagged by the DAF-ARMM Engineers.

This project was funded under the 2014 BuB with the DAF-ARMM as implementing agency. The project was undertaken "by admin" through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).
                  - MPMIU

Start of the FMR

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